Now knowing they are "in" this together, the boys share their love physically. With sensual touch and full-on desires aroused, Haruto prepares his partner's hole for his hardened cock. Using some lubrication and his fingers, the top massages, and slides into Hisoka. As the bottom "reacts" to the sensation, Haruto puts another finger in. Responding to the bottom's soft moans, the top is ready to show his boyfriend, his needs. Tenderly, Haruto readies his stiff cock and maneuvers onto his lover's porcelain torso. Once in, Haruto clasps onto Hisoka's legs for support. Gently, the two caress and move as one; each whimper of the bottom corresponds to the erotic thrusts of the top. Close, Hisoka pulls Haruto's hand away from his cock, prolonging their "bonding." Masturbating together, they watch one another closely. Haruto then leans over Hisoka and rubs his cream into the boy's pubic hair. When Hisoka blows, copious amounts of cum glistens his stomach and chest.
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