Now that Kiba has done a solo for us, this straight boy will need to "up his game." Today, he's with Kinjiro, on the left and Hisoka, on the right. Liking the idea of a "double team," the boys work on Kiba, the "cherry boy." Hisoka is the first of the models to taste Kiba's cock and by the look of things, he's doing very well. Letting Kinjiro take a lick, it seems as though Kiba does like a good blowjob. After a bit more two on one, it's Kiba's turn to suck. Hisoka stands and Kiba faces a "big cock;" Kinjiro is a bit "cold," right now. Going for the "hot cock," the straight boy puts his lips around Hisoka's shaft and begins. "I am horny," says Hisoka as Kiba gets the hang of "sucking skin." Changing to the "cold cock," Kiba slurps and seems to take in more. Lying down, the three do a circle suck as they concentrate on the bounty before them. Looking "a-head" to next time, Kiba gets up close as the action turns to fucking.

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