Kiba's on the left and Makoto's on the right. As the boys kiss, Ko enters to add to the fun. This trio work on one another, with Kiba the main focus; Ko says," stick with us and you won't go back to being straight." Makoto lets his "present" be known as his hands wander and his mouth meets Kiba's. Ko pulls out Kiba's dick and "hands" it off to Makoto's mouth. Switching off, Makoto then pulls off his underwear and has Kiba, "suck it." Ko gets some lube and slides behind Kiba, who's mouth is quite full of Makoto. Using the gel, Ko "wets" both his dick and Kiba's. Being very tactual, Ko continues to work Kiba's nipples and mouth; "you kiss like a girl" Ko quips. After a bit more oral, Ko says he'd like to do more. First, Kiba and Makoto do a hot 69. The boys will be back for part 2; Kiba's dick is "in" for some exploration.
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