Meeting back at the apartment, Shosei, on the left, is very interested in Kaoru's "new purchase." As, "nothing is for free," if Shosei wants to see his boy's new underwear, it's gonna cost. Both are very sensual and being filmed only heightens their "versatility." Stripping down, looks like Kaoru is "throbbing" to have his partner take a look, feel and taste; damn, those are sexy underwear. With the boys trading off, Kaoru gets a "lick" of his "Champion" before he is toyed. "Puckering" up for Shosei, Kaoru is entered and aroused; his dick is so hard. Legs spread and hole gauged, this pairing is about to reveal more than just underwear, in a most delicious way. "Butt," Kaoru gets to enjoy Shosei's hole as well. After all, those are a fun pair of "fuku."
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